Saturday, 18 February 2012

Supporter Advisory Board Meeting on Olympic Stadium Bid

As you may be aware, West Ham have planning to hold a meeting of the Olympic Stadium Supporter Advisory Board to take account of the context of the new bid for the Olympic Stadium but have been strictly bound by the terms of a Confidentiality Agreement with regards to the Stadium process.

This meeting is now scheduled to go ahead  next week on Thursday 23 February  in the 66 Club Suite, Boleyn ground. 

This is a closed meeting to Supporter Advisory Board members only, all of which will be required to agree to the terms of the Confidentiality Agreement with the OPLC to which West Ham United FC is party.

The club say they are keen to meet with supporters ahead of the 23rd March bid submission of the Olympic Stadium bid but have advised us in advance that they will be unable to disclose specific details of the bid process at the meeting. The format of this meeting will therefore be far more of a listening brief from the club and they have invited us to voice fans priorities and any concerns to help inform their decisions ahead of their 23 March submission.

The aims of the meeting are to provide some context to the end of the previous process and clarity on some of the key differences in the current offer, state the club's current position and provide clarity on time lines.

West Ham say they want  to give supporters the opportunity to voice their priorities and they claim they will seek to take them on board to inform their future decision making ahead of the submission deadline.

As elected representatives they have encourage us to consult with fellow West Ham supporters regarding your key concerns.

I will be going to the meeting next Thursday along with around 70 other members.

So here is your chance to send me your priorities, concerns and questions ahead of the meeting.

The running track is a common theme but I am sure there will be others.

Contact me on twitter at @WestHamFootball or email me at

Here is the full list of Supporter Advisory Board Members many of which are on twitter.

West Ham Advisory Board pages on

Who's on the West Ham Advisory Board? 

Monday, 6 February 2012

ICF (I Chuck Fruit)

The West ham v Millwall match was mainly trouble free with just two arrests. One man was arrested for afray before the match and one for assaulting a police officer by throwing a missle after the match. There were no arrests inside the ground.

More people have been arrested over Tottenham's spy gate probe on the Olympic stadium bid.

All local pubs were shut and remained closed until 4pm in the afternoon.

Met Police Chief Supt Vickers said: “I would like to thank fans for their behaviour for what has been a largely succcesful operation

Police are investigating a large bang heard just after the final whistle when a Millwall fan is believed to have let off or fired a firework at West ham fans.

Since 2009 when Westham last played Millwall, West Ham has seen very, very little disorder. It has the lowest arrest rates of any London football club and the lowest ejection rates as well.

However there was one small almost comical stand off as the police escorted Millwall fans to Upton Park Underground station along Green St. Police forced West Ham fans into the fruit market.

This was captured by ESPN Brazil which can be seen below on Youtube.

You can see fruit being launched into the air which resulted in someone on twitter saying ICF should now stand for I Chuck Fruit ;-)

Anyway the video is quite humerous, Enjoy !