Thursday, 7 February 2013

West Ham Supporters Advisory Board Questions: Deadline is 8th Feb 5pm

At the last SAB meeting in December, it was agreed that Supporter Advisory Board members would consult with the West Ham wider supporter base and report back to the club in respect of the following proposed questions:

* Should the club carry out a supporter poll?
* What are the pros and cons of holding a poll?

* If so how should such a poll be executed?

* What questions would supporters like to see asked in such a poll?

* It was generally agreed at the meeting that were a full poll to be carried out that those eligible to vote should be all Corporate Members, Season Ticket Holders and Match attending Academy Members - do you/the supporters you have consulted with agree that this is the correct criteria to qualify?

* What would be required to make a New Stadium West Ham's home? E.g. John Lyall gates, Bobby Moore statue etc.

* What facilities would you like to see at a potential New Stadium?

* If the potential move to the Olympic Stadium did proceed, please provide details of what you would see as a fitting farewell tribute to the Boleyn Ground ?
In addition to the above we confirmed at the meeting that the club was required to submit to the LLDC a comprehensive and exhaustive list of everything that would be needed to:

- Make the New Stadium a 'home ground' of West Ham if we were to move

- Ensure it would continue to have the 'look and feel' of West Ham's home ground.

- Adequately replace the Boleyn Ground in terms of acceptability to supporters/
commercial revenue

The SAB have been asked to consult with the wider supporter base and feedback but feel free email your feedback direct and comments to these questions to  Dan Mason, the chair for this focus group via .

The deadline for feedback regarding the supporter poll and views on the Stadium move is fast approaching and is this Friday 8th February 5pm.