Monday, 28 May 2012

#ClungeWHU ITK Updates

Foxy Mrs Clunge

With the absence of  MooreThanJustAPodcast West Ham podcast we have no foxy clunge updates with her ITK weekly news now it is closed season.
Luckily Adam Jackson @Adzman89 on twitter has been banging them out at a rate of knots that he is probably suffering from RSI.

There are an incredible 71 updates in the last 7 days. Here they all are!

Faye was going to be offered a new deal but other targets have emerged. With fayes injuries it was decided to let him go.

No chance drogba coming whu. Deal done to join Chinese club on 300k a week.

Piq has 1 yr left.  Won’t be in the premiership 25 man squad. He will either be loaned out or paid off. 34k a week he is on.

Almunia a free agent now. Sams a fan and is considering a deal.

No deal for lansbury

Whu trying to loan out sears and piq for the season

Barera a flop in spain. No plans to use him next season

Enquiries will be made for rodriguez and clyne and zaha.

Wigan want 15mil for moses. Whu wont pay that.

Rav morrison will feature heavily in pre season. That will make or break his hammers future. Sam a fan though

Have heard nothing about cavenaghi or seedorf.

Montenegro no future at whu.

Rob hall the big hope to break through next season. hot prospect. Will be involved pre season if over injury probs

Sam paid his £1m bonus for getting whu promoted. The guy has saved whu from meltdown.

Matt phillips not ready for the prem. Danny collins back at stoke now

Sam has 32 players on his target list. Whu will sign 4 & 3 loans likely thats the plan. Keiron richardson move gathering momentum

Colchester want sears back on loan.

Interest in defoe but player said a flat no. No interest in joining whu whatsoever but he probably will leave the lane.

The 80 million debt will be cleared in 4 seasons time if we keep prem status

Snodgrass would love to join whu fact. Last year of leeds contract and a deal is very possible. Whu will bid 3 mil tops

Scott Dann on the radar. Deal likely. Fayes replacement

No truth in the david bentley rumors. Player knackered with injury. Sam like jenas though

Vaz te not leaving unless we get bids of over 14 mil. Not gonna happen.

Barton could be sacked. We won't be in for him...even if he played for free and washed DG's car every week

I tweeted couple of days ago saying it will be 5% disc x 4 years so spot on.

I was told green deal decided in 2 weeks but DG said 5 weeks so in the next few weeks we will know what's happening

Del piero too old and injury prone. No go

Kalou has over 8 offers so far. Unlikely we get him unless he is desp to stay in london. his wages are 90k a week. Very unlikely.

Jordan rhodes was on our list if we stayed in the championship. not going for another unproven top level striker. No go

Like I said months ago Mccartney will sign in the next couple of weeks 2 year deal.

Richardson likely and i have heard nothing on el mohammedy and we are going for better players than him IMO.

Joey o'brien staying next year in the squad. Piq wont make the 25 man squad. Sam wants rid of him

If we didnt go up we would have given it 1 more season with our big players. We needed promotion though big time.

Owen wants to stay in the north.

Defoe wont come back to whu.

we have looked at akpala but sam not sure. Unlikely at the moment

Seedorf not on the list.

We need creativity in midfield. Yossi could be a deal as he would come back

Chamakh cant do it at arsenal with quality service. No go

Barera will be sold or loaned out again. He hates england too cold for him! Apart from this week!

Sam likes lansbury. Arsenal dont want to sell him. Just signed new 5 year deal.

Zaha and snodgrass are definate big targets for us.

We have spoken with defoes agent. Not gonna happen. Finished. Kaput.

We tried to loan lukaku in jan. Chelsea said no. We will try again in due course

Hoilett going arsenal. Olsen is a target though. Fast player

Baldock prob to be loaned out. Likeky to ipswich.

Berbatov has better offers than whu. Going to spain we believe.

WHU interested in steve fletcher. Wolves loathed to sell as he would get loads of goals in the championship. They want 9 mil as well.

Spence made no impact for bristol city. Not good enough for the premiership

Nicky Maynard staying no doubt. Ba no chance. Bent no chance.

Gamst pedersen, would get him but only on a cheap cheap deal.

No bids accepted yet. Loads gonna go in in the next 14 days. Sam wants early deals... Unlike last time

Robert green wants a 50 percent rise to 45k a week.

Quick line from heerenveen. Not a chance in hell will we get bas dost for 7mil. Club want min 12.5 mil for him

Bid going in for rodriguez of burnley next week.

No truth in crouch rumors whatsoever

No deal yet agreed for dos bost. Still negotiating with herenveen

Mccartney and richardson should be tied up in the next 3 weeks

Over 6k new applications for season tickets so far.

As I stated months ago gold and sullivan budget up to 30 mil of their own money for transfers this season.

Sheff utd chairman kevin mccabe has kept all the tevez compo from whu as he owed tens of millions

Jordan spence will be loaned out or sold for next season. Not in sams plans

Struggling to sell sears as nobody at his level can match his 14k a week wages. Thanks duxburry et al

OS announcement before the Games commence

No bid yet in for rodriguez. Waiting on zaha first.

No interest in fletcher of wolves. Wolves put 9 mil asking price on player.

No bid or talks yet with chelsea for lukaku. No deals till chelsea appoint new manager as he may play him anyway.

chelsea wont loan out lukaku when they dont have a manager with an opinion on him. New manager may like him and play him.

Said all along big sam does not belive in baldocks ability in the prem. Shame. He will be loaned or sold.

Spence has not been offered anywhere as bristol city have 1st option to buy him before 30th june

I can 100 percent assure you NO BID HAS BEEN PLACED for rodriguez. We may bid later in the window but zaha is the priority