Friday, 21 October 2011

The Controversal Potted History of El Hadji Diouf

Diouf's professional career has been overshadowed by controversy. During his time Rennes, France he was convicted for driving without a licence, and was involved in a car crash. The French courts sentenced Diouf to community service.

During the start of his early Premier League career in England, Diouf has been involved in several incidents where he has spat at football fans and opposition players. In 2002 he was accused of spitting at West Ham Fans fans whilst warming-up at a sub for Liverpool during a game at Anfield.

On 13 March 2003, whilst playing for Liverpool, he was involved in an incident when he spat at Celtic fans during a televised UEFA Cup quarter-final. His club fined him two weeks' wages, UEFA gave him a two-match ban, and Diouf was charged with assault. He later pleaded guilty, and was fined £5,000.

Whilst he was on loan at Bolton, Diouf was charged by the police for spitting at an 11-year-old Middlesbrough fan during a 1–1 draw in November 2004.

Then, on 27 November 2004, Diouf spat in the face of Portsmouth player Ajan De Zeeuw. He was fined two weeks' wages by Bolton and was banned for three games by the FA after pleading guilty to a charge of improper conduct.

On 20 September 2009, Diouf was questioned by police after allegations that he had made a racist slur to a ball-boy during a match at Everton, telling him to "fuck off, white boy".Diouf defended his actions by saying that the ball-boy had thrown the ball to him "like a bone to a dog" and that Everton fans were racially abusing and throwing bananas at him; police found no evidence of this.

In April 2010, Diouf was arrested and charged with motoring offences in Manchester.

On 8 January 2011, following Blackburn's 1–0 win over QPR in the FA Cup third round, QPR manager Neil Warnock accused Diouf of taunting  Jamie Mackie whilst the latter lay on the pitch injured with a broken leg and referred to Diouf as "lower than a sewer rat".

On 2 March 2011, Diouf was one of three Rangers players sent off in the Old Firm Derby, after an altercation at the touchline with Neil Lennon and dissent to the referee at full time.Diouf was fined £5000 in April 2011 and warned over his future conduct by the Scottish Football Association.

On 14 July 2011, it was reported that Diouf had not joined Blackburn Rovers for a pre-season tour of Austria and that his whereabouts were unknown.

On 21 October 2011 he started training with West Ham. You know what will happen next!

Is this a guy we want pulling on a West ham shirt? You just know it will end in tears!

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  1. I for one will not go over the ground anymore if we sign that low life.