Sunday, 18 November 2012

Safe Standing at the Olympic Stadium with West Ham

On Thursday evening my I joined Sports Tonight TV on Sky Channel 498 via Skype to askark Palios, the former FA Chief Executive and West Ham Chairman David Gold a question on Safe Standing.

Like I said in my question on you tube linked above, I am  an old South Bank terrace boy, I now stand in front of my seat in Sir Trevor Brooking Lower at every game like everyone else in Sir Trevor Brooking lower.

However I understand other parts of the Boleyn West Ham fans are asked to sit down or face eviction from the ground.

The law says football clubs must have a seat for each fan. It doesn't say the fan must sit down in it.

The football league rules say fans must sit down when matches are being played and clubs can eject any fan that doesn't comply.

This is enforced differently from club to club, ground to ground and in some cases like West ham it is different from stand to stand.

I believe it is time that the government, the FA and clubs should re-look at these rules.

I also support the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) campaign for Safe Standing.

This is the Safe Standing Roadshow

It is interesting that David Gold says he will consider Safe Standing at the Olympic Stadium should West ham get it.  I would certainly apply for a stand standing area season ticket.

Other Safe Standing quotes related to West Ham

“We actually wish we could have fans like that back in England who stand up behind the goal and sing all the way through, fantastic atmosphere really enjoyed it.” West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce after his team visited Dynamo Dresden

I am in favour of safe standing the key is in the title 'safe'. DG” West Ham United co-owner David Gold on twitter

“In this world the customer has the right to choose and if some fans would prefer to stand, fair enough.” West Ham United chief executive and vice chairman Karen Brady

My question prompted a small piece in The Guardian over the weekend

You tube Video on Safe Standing


  1. I am a ST holder in the east stand lower and get sick and tired of people standing up in front of me and my 10 year old daughter, such that we can't see. Your so called right to stand up is not only wrong but incredibly selfish

  2. For what it worth, I also agree there should be seated areas only so people can choose whether to stand up or sit down. I have a 9 year old daughter and when she comes to West Ham she stands up also (not that she has a lot of choice) in Sir Trevor Brooking Lower. I guess the point I am trying to make is the standing areas in grounds should be officially recognized

  3. If there were standing areas there would no excuse for people standing in seated areas. Keep both groups happy and reintroduce standing for gods sake.