Thursday, 27 December 2012

The day I met Momo Diame & Ricardo VazTe

Just before Christmas, the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board had a few pre Christmas Drinks in the Legends lounge at the Boleyn and Momo Diame and Ricardo Vaz Te were special guests who kindly met with and spoke with the fans.

The guys spend over an hour and a half speaking to the 50 or so SAB members who turned up.

I spent around ten minutes myself chatting to both Momo Diame and Ricardo Vaz Te.

I asked both of them to record a Christmas message for our MooreThanJustAPodcast  podcast. Not sure Ricardo knew what a podcast was but both agreed and you can hear them on our Christmas special at

The next question I asked if when they both would be fit, Diame said the hamstring tear was not as bad as first thought and he would be back in early January. Vaz te said he should be fit in the same time frame. The gathering was the day the Arsenal was confirmed to be postponed and both were confident they would be fully fit and available for selection by time of the re-scheduled match against the gooners.

Next I asked Momo whether he would be staying at West Ham. He replied 'I do hope so!" Nice cryptic answer. I said he was my player of the year so far and 'Hammer of the year' would be a formality if his form continues.  Vaz Te interrupted playfully saying 'Diame would stay if the chairman paid him more' and pretended to be wounded that I was saying Diame was a better player than Vaz Te. I thanked Vaz Te for play off final goal but said he needed to get fit and playing if he wanted to get 'Hammer of the year runner up'

I wished them both all the best for the rest of the season and they agreed to pose for a photo with me which you can find at the top of this post.

Diame & Vaz Te Christmas Message on SoundCloud

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