Sunday, 6 January 2013

My views and background information on Marouane Chamakh

So Marouane Chamakh has joined West Ham on a six month loan from Arsenal

He is rumoured to be on between £50,000 & £65,000 per week at Arsenal although they are also believed to be paying of  up to 50% of his wages while on loan.

The rumours had been on twitter and the papers for some time but it was West Ham youth player Dymon Labonne (@DymonLabonne on twitter) who first to let slip that Marouane Chamakh was training with West Ham. The tweet has since been deleted by Dymon.

David Sullivan's son Jack followed on shortly afterwards saying he was sorry about the news and it wasn't his pick!  Again this tweet was also deleted after numerous press coverage of 12 year Jack famous tweet below.

David Gold in attempt to diffuse the situation answered a fan on twitter called Joe Tyrrell and just said it was the managers decision and we support the managers. 
Chamakh must really feel wanted at West ham!

All that said he is here now and we should get behind him. He is a confidence player so let's make him feel confident!

Although it did make me smile when he was quoted as saying "I didn't have opportunities to play recently, but I did well before and I know I am a very good striker. We played only one striker at Arsenal, so I didn't play a lot, so I hope to do so more with West Ham."

Has he not seen any West Ham games this season? Is he expecting 4-4-2 ?

When Chamakh arrived at Arsenal in Summer 2010 the gooners thought they had the bargain transfer of the Summer.

Here was a 6ft 2in striker who was good in the air joining them for free! 

They knew he was never a prolific goalscorer by any means but they assumed under their 'Arsenal system' he would vastly improve. 

Initially it went well with Chamakh scoring 10 goals in his first 17 appearances. However, soon RVP returned from injury to reclaim his place in the side and Chamakh was relegated to the sidelines; shattering his confidence.

He fell foul of Wenger after by being pictured smoking a sisha pipe in a London bar after an Arsenal defeat against QPR!

Fast forward 2 years and his early form was never rediscovered. Arsenal fans claim is a shadow of what he was as a footballer and what he could've been and are more than happy for West ham to pay all or part of his wages.

So can Big Sam succeed where Wenger failed? Can Big Sam fix Chamakh? Will he regain his confidence? We shall see won't we!  After seeing Joe Cole whip in those crosses to James Collins head yesterday I can see Chamakh heading in a few goals from crosses or corners this season if he gets his chance.

One publication claims Chamakh will bring five things to West Ham

Experience, Ball Retention, Height,  Cover & Hunger

Here is some Youtube video footage of Chamakh in 2010 to the music of Smack my bitch up called Chamkh My Pitch Up! ;-)


  1. Quality article mate. I done something similar on the site as well.

  2. We do not exactly need height in our squad, do we? But i'm quite impressed with his timing in the air rather than his physical appearance in general. And he have a good eye for his teammates and Nolan might benefit from that. Gourcuff scored 12 goals in that winning season for Bordeaux, and Chamakh assisting 6 goals in the season (also six in first season in arsenal) - Not impressed by him lately, but for a loan, not that bad. And with Cole and Jarvis balls from the wing, 5 goals and 3 assists is my guess.