Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Elephant in the room

Big Sam needs to address the Elephant in the room
Another loss in the last minute at home, another mistake by Ilunga if the BBC London radio commentary team are to believed.

I was out at a business function for the kick off of tonight's first half but following along on text updates on my blackberry in-between dinner courses. I was pleased to see Stanislas grab an early goal for us to finish the first half 1-0 up. However I expected this, we were playing league 2 Aldershot who are 57 places below us in the league. Last Saturday I went to the AFC Wimbledon v Hereford game and the play was no-where near Premiership and Championship levels so I was confident we could overcome a league 2 side.

I caught  the second half of the match on BBC Radio London, no sooner had I started listening then we went down to 10 men after debutant Callum McNaughton got sent off for West Ham for a professional foul.

Luke Guttridge equalised for Aldershot on 78 minutes. The BBC radio commentators said Ruud Boffin should have done much better to save it.

Then on 89 minutes with one minute until extra time Ilunga lets in Hylton who finds Boffin's goal from 12 yards out after a goalmouth scramble.

Most of 19,000 fans left the ground after that, although some stayed to boo Ilunga then to boo to the whole team off at full time.

I am speechless and embarrassed. I feel sorry for all of you that spent £10 or £5 going to tonight's match.

Big Sam must address the Elephant in the room and work out why we can't win at home and concede in the last 90 seconds of the last 3 home games!

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