Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ilunga not fit to wear the shirt

Perhaps the biggest surprise for today was the continued inclusion of Ilunga. Certainly he was to blame for the Cardiff defeat costing us a point so many were hoping that George McCartney would be match fit and take Ilunga's place. Ilunga hasn't been the same since that one good season when he signed him to replace George McCartney. Last year that saw him excluded from the 25 man West Ham squad last season along side Benni McCarthy.

Ilunga was poor today and cost us at least one if not both goals. His first half wasn't too bad but he seemed to lose concentration at times in the second half.

On the other side of the coin Tomkins had another great game in the centre of defence and was getting his head to most things. I was surprised Scotty Parker won West Ham man of the match as it was Tomkins for me by a long way.

Leeds came forward as we knew they would but they also showed frailty at the back.

The referee seemed to have a poor game but my view in the Sir Trevor Brooking lower it appeared he denied both West Ham and Leeds from penalties which should have been given.

Anyway typical West ham, not bad first half, poor second half with the odd good spell after Leed's own goal. 

Everyone knew the equaliser was coming in the second half, in fact I just tweeted we will concede a goal if we don't do something fast as the goal went in. Me and my big mouth.

It was also cruel to concede the second goal on 90 minutes, bit of a theme now after Cardiff.

It felt more like a loss than a draw after the game while travelling home. Two dropped points without a doubt.

As I have said on this blog before, this is a very tough league and if we expect to walk it as champions we are deluding ourselves. 

John Carew had d├ębut today to the recycled song of 'John Carew Carew, He's Bigger Than Me And You - John Carew Carew, He's Bigger Than Me And You, He's Gonna Score One Or Two, John Carew Carew'

The other song was ' We can't win at home, We can't win at home. We're west ham United, we can't win at home...' which bought a smile to some.

Oh well as the saying goes nothing to see here, move along.

Next week brings the riot rescheduled Aldershot clash followed by an away game against Nottingham Forest which will also be televised. Hopefully we can win both and move onwards and upwards.

Tomorrow we are also recording the pilot of a new West Ham podcast with fellow season ticket holders @GeorgeWHUFC and @WestHamJB  We also hope to have a surprise football player guest from newly promoted football league team AFC Wimbledon. Watch this space to hear our first attempt went.

I bought a signed copy of West Ham announcer Jeremy Nicholas' book called Mr Moon has left the stadium at Newham bookshop in Barking road. Managed to read the first four chapters on the way home which was entertaining and kept my mind off dropping two points today.

You can buy it on Amazon for £7.99 here

Come on you irons and lets destroy Aldershot on Tuesday.

Sean (@Westhamfootball on twitter)

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