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David Gold Twitter Question Time v Clunge

In this week's Moore Than Just A Podcast  Episode 13 we covered David Gold's week of answers to West ham fans as well as inside information from Clunge.

Clunge News

Last Tuesday I said that Big sam confirmed that Matty Taylor will start on Saturday 
if he comes through 45/60 mins today in reserve match.

I got this one wrong as they didn't want to risk him for the whole 90 minuites. He did come on though

A Westham insider on ESPN website confirms james tomkins not for sale and will be offered a new deal even though he  still has 3 years left. Wonder who the insider is and where they got that from then ;-)

Leeds may still sack O'Brien and if so he'll sign for us

Henry lansbury hopes to be back for the boxing day game away to Birmingham.

David gold confirms we will buy players in jan and not sell our important players

Very strange rumors that chelsea have had sam baldock watched on 3 occasions and may bid for him in the transfer window.

Carew may be fit for saturdays game vs burnley. Still 7k tickets left

Winston reid out for a further 5 weeks. Baldock hopeful no more than 3 weeks.

As baldock is also injured whu will decide if they will recall hall from oxford.

David Gold confirms he hopes to sign 3 players in Jan. Andy Johnson is Sam's main target but blackburn also want him. No chance with Zamora.

David Gold Twitter Question Time:

@rpburton: how many hammers fans are coming to boro tuesday night?” 

DG: 1,500 dg

@jaydorgan_96: how are derby away tickets selling? Can't wait.. 

DG: 4200 tickets available just over 1000 sold so far. DG

“@Andrew_whu:  you going Reading on the 10th David?” 

DG: Yes I will be there DG

@DaniGood How long will Sam Baldock be out injured?

DG: I don't no how long Sam Baldock will be out, we will have a better idea on Monday but hope its only a grade one torn hamstring DG

@DBernstein1 Will be be top of the league by christmas holidays?

DG: A draw on Tuesday and a win at home to Burnley would leave us in a great position. However that's easier said than done dg

Fan: What fo you think of Karren Brady's comments on football racism? 

DG: I am not defending Karren Brady she is very capable of doing that for her self but she did not say WH fans threw bananas at Clyde Best dg

@Tommy_Ernest If you had to pick the best thing about being a west hanm

DG: Loyalty and passion for West Ham United plus a sense of history. DG

@Jaws2home I remember seeing Clyde Best when he first played for West Ham in 1970 and there was racism at that time. DG. 

@JoeAppleby95: David , how long will it be till Winston Reid is fit?

DG: 4 to 5 weeks before he will be available for selection dg

@Centrallinedan: Do we still have Bentley & Lansbury 

DG: Bentleys contract has been terminated Lansbury is with us to the end of the season dg

@OSBORNE1973: @DavidGoldWHU what is the best vibrator on the Market?” 

DG: Rampant Rabbit from Ann Summers dg

@1andrewlee i paid good money for season ticket but it seems like I'm getting bad deal as the deals for games work out cheaper

DG: It's cheaper to buy a season ticket and you get to choose you seat dg

@ScardSanity What percentage are you confident of promotion at this stage?

DG: We are still the bookies favourites for promotion dg

@Mister_Kirby Hi David, what are your views on safe standing - would it be poss in OS or redeveloped UP? Thanks.

DG: I am in favour of small areas of controlled safe standing dg

@richielevis  if the OS goes pear shaped are you going to go down the bond scheme? I love this club and trust you 100%

DG: thank you for the trust dg

@tekkers84 in business would you say if you don't put your balls on the line you ll never get anywhere??

DG: Adam i wouldn't put it quite like that but you do need determination perseverance and most of all courage good luck dg

@whu647580 Is it true that Ba refused to sign for us without a relegation clause.

DG: that's true without the clause he would not have signed and we didn't think we would be relegated .... Mistake dg

@Sam1993WHUFC: @davidgoldwhu can you see many incomming players in january?

DG: I hope to see some new faces dg

@JonNewsham: @DavidGoldWHU do you pay for tickets? 

DG: DS and I receive no salary or expenses but we do get a free seat. DG

@ClaretNBlues I am mortified if you or any West Ham fans believe I would renege on a promise. Doubt my judgement but not my integrity dg

@dandadon21: @DavidGoldWHU are we looking to further strengthen the squad in jan or do we need to sell 1st? 

DG No need to sell dg

@HP14WHU: @DavidGoldWHU Do you go to every match? Would be great if you do!

DG: I go to every match home and away dg

@robwood4: @DavidGoldWHU @westhamchef Do you fear the mighty BORO. 

DG: No but I respect them they are a good side. DG

@davym66: @DavidGoldWHU hi david, is there any chance of Sam Baldock being sold in january? thanks. 

DG: Extremely unlikely dg

@Coxy25 Is there any truth in the rumour that you once tried to style your hair like Alan Titchmarsh in an attempt 2 fool a librarian?

DG: Good evening Coxy dg

@clem132: has Marek signed a new deal and fee been agreed with old club he was back on the bench on Saturday 

DG: No new deal has been done dg

@lukemullen2: As a West Ham fan I would like to know where WE will be playing our football in Two years? 

DG: It will be at the OS or UP dg

@harris2011_s: why did we get rid of hines and stanislas though they were decent young players 

DG: Sams decision must say I agree DG

@tekkers84: would you be interested in Lansbury should we go up and should he be available? 

DG: Lots of "shoulds" it's Sams call DG

@Coxy25 David, have you ever walked into Argos and pretended to be Rod Stewart in an attempt to get a free Fireman Sam 

DG: what do you mean Coxy "pretend to be Rod Stewart" I am Rod Stewart RS

@TalltreesCarp: is there any sort of clause in Scott Parkers contract for us to be able to buy him back if we are promoted? 

DG: No dg

@GeorgeWestHam:  say no to the oylmpic stadium! The atmosphere will be poooor!”

DG: I'm not sure your right dg

@Kevo0982: are you planning to add to the squad in January? Have you thought bout making beckham an offer? 

DG: We are looking to strengthen dg

@JoshSnow1:  when will Gary O'Neil be fit enough to play?

DG: I hope he will be available in early February dg

@PetersNick: @DavidGoldWHU Do you currently enjoy the style of football west ham play? 

DG: I want to get back to the PL. I enjoy winning dg

@paulturner67 Do you think west ham fans should be balloted on the move to the OS?

DG: There is a consultative committee of about 120 West Ham Season ticket holders who are involved in the process. DG

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