Thursday, 29 December 2011

Why Jordan Rhodes is unlikely to come to West Ham!

There have been a lot of rumours about Huddersfield's Jordan Rhodes on twitter and the Hammers forums that West Ham have made enquiries & possibly a bid for the 21 year old Huddersfield goal machine.

He has scored 20 goals in 20 appearances this season which has put him on the radar of Spurs, Celtic, Liverpool and Newcastle.

Yesterday there were rumours that West Ham had made an official enquiry and Huddersfield Town had put a price tag of £4 million on him. Another rumour had West Ham making a £3.5 Million bid for him.

West Ham insider Clunge  confirmed an official bid was in for Jordan  Rhodes but as of 9pm on Wednesday 28th December it was not accepted or rejected!

The Sun also printed a story today 29th December saying we had bid £3 Million but it had been rejected

However Huddersfield Chairman Dean Hoyle interview puts some doubt that they would part with his services on the cheap. 
“We have no intention of selling and we are not going to,” said Hoyle, who says the club are braced for another round of speculation over the striker’s future.
“We could sell Jordan, but where’s that going to get us?
“If we let him go we would have to find another striker in his place and, let’s be fair, we won’t find one as good as him to come to Huddersfield Town – so straight away our chances of promotion would be decreased.
“This club needs to get promotion to be more self-sustaining, so selling Jordan would be short-term gain for long-term pain.
“We need Jordan Rhodes and all our other very good players to win us promotion.”
The boardroom chief added: “Whether Jordan is in League II, League I, the Championship or the Premier League he will score goals, because nearly every chance he gets he finishes.
“He will put the ball in the back of the net and, that being the case, if we get up into the Championship he will be worth even more money.
“So what I’m saying is it doesn’t make any sense – both from a football point of view and economically – to sell one of our very best players in Jordan Rhodes at this point.
Of course his words might mean nothing as everyone has their price, but with Liverpool, Spurs and Newcastle interested I doubt we would be able to compete with their spending power. Sullivan & Gold will not get in a bidding war and pay over the odds for the youngster.
One story says Liverpool could pay as much as £9 Million for Rhodes services.
Time will tell whether I will have to eat my words or not but I am afraid I don't expect us to land him in the transfer window. 

Huddersfield Examiner Story

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