Friday, 19 August 2011

Let's not get too carried away!

There is a lot of enthusiam following the two back to back away wins with us briefly climbing to 3rd in the fizzy pop league now 5th.

Like most fans I have great expectations for a win against Leeds on Sunday but we all need a reality check I am afraid. This is a very tough league and promotion won't come easy as some as suggesting.

Whilst we have a good start we have to remember three teams have done better with a 100% record. Southampton, Brighton and Derby have won three out of three game and are all on 9 points.

These pack of three are followed by Middlesborugh on 2 wins and a draw on 7 points and then we lead the 6 point pack with Crytal Palace, Cardiff and Blackpool all hot on our heels.

While WestHam still remain favourites for promotion Leciester, Southampton, Brighton, Blackpool amd Cardiff closely follow in the odds so it will be a close run thing as the season progresses.

I remember the last two seasons in the Championship only too well.

In 2003-2004 we finished 4th in the championship on 74 points some 20 points behind leaders Norwich  We went on to lose the Championship play off final to Crystal Palace at Cardiff. This game I remember only too well with the pain of only goal going in in slow motion in my head.

In 2004-2005 we also did it the hard way finishing 6th on 73 points, 21 points behind leaders Sunderland  That time we were lucky enough to win the play off final at cardiff and return to the premiership.

I also have no doubt that some Championship teams will want to prove something against us and either throw 11 men behind the ball or go that extra mile to put one over on us.

I am hoping I am proved wrong and we storm the league as champions but I have been a WestHam fan for too long and know WestHam always do things the hard way ;-)

Whilst I would love a trip to Wembley to win the play off finals I would rather finish in the top two and get the automatic promotion.  Time will tell but experience tells me not to get over excited about two back to back wins.

Come on you irons and bring on the Leeds!

Sean  @WestHamFootball on Twitter


  1. similar ending to mine seany! 'Bring on the Leeds, COYI.'

    Its not like you to be pessimistic though.. and theres no sarcasm in that comment!!

  2. I know, spending 30 years in the company of your dad does that to you ;-)