Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On!

Lets all keep calm and carry on! It is not the end of the world!

We are still 4th in the league and still two points from the top. Southampton lost to Cardiff tonight and 2nd and 3rd placed Middlesbrough and Derby could only manage a point in their mid week games so the leaders didn't have a great mid week either.

It is still possible to go top on Saturday if we beat Palace away!

Yes, I was frustrated last night, Yes it was poor game and Yes Kevin Nolan played crap again.

But I am fully over it this evening and we need to focus on Saturday and our away form.

Sam needs to kick them up the bum and sort out the home form before Blackpool. He said as much in his email to fans today.

Well we finally got our 4-4-2 formation! bet we all wish we hadn't called for it now.

Green, Faye and Tomkins were the only ones I would single out for praise last night.

Cole and Carew were firing blanks. Although we saw a couple of moves by Baldock he looked knackered by the end of the match.

Noble had a 150th apperance to forget and we won't even start to describe Nolan's 350th professional appearance. That's professional with a small p.  Nolan looked like he couldn't be arsed to run around.

Bentley still lacked confidence and lost the ball several times and Lansbury was yellow carded early on and lucky to remain on the pitch after a second mis-timed tackle. Sam pulled him off quickly after that and brought Collison on.

I know there is element that teams are treating their match with West Ham at home like a cup final and the tractor boys clearly wanted it more than us.

Still can't believe we conceded in the 88th minute at home yet again!

Anyway An evening best forgotten!

Come on you Irons!

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