Saturday, 17 September 2011

West Ham Fire Blanks in Milwall Non Event

So the over hyped London Derby clash of the season turned out to be a non event both off and on the match. It sounds like the Met Police had the event well policed and there was no reported trouble before, during or after the match. I am sure we are all glad of that after the shameful scenes of August 2009. Although the West Ham/Millwall bitterness started as rivalry between ship buidling yards it seems more to do with kids that have watched the shocking film Green Street these days.

As normal for West Ham it was a day of missed chances. In the build up to the game announced no Nolan in the line up but two Nobles! I suggested we could sing 'Are you Noble in disguise?' to Nolan or "There is only two Mark Nobles, two Mark Nobles, there is only Two Mark Nobles" Actually another Mark Noble contacted me on twitter to say there was another Mark Noble but he wasn't very good at football. That's both of them then!

There was no surprises in the line up and formation with a 4-5-1. The only real change was Reid was dropped to make way for Faye which is something we called for in Monday's podcast. I am glad BFS is now a regular listener of Moore Than Just A Podcast and does what we suggest ;-)

Reid's dropping to the bench was not to last as Tomkins injured his groin and was replaced by Reid in the first half. A few of female West Ham followers offered to kiss it better which I am sure will get Tomkins fit in no time.

As the chances went I can only rely on BBC London radio commentary along side the Sky and text updates.

At kick off it appears that the Millwall goalie was off the pitch sorting out his net. The ref hadn't noticed this but Lansbury did. Lansbury took a half way punt at goal but it was off target.

It appears Lansbury had two more excellent chances at goal, the first was saved by the goal keeper and his second chance was either cleared off the line by the Millwall captain or hit the cross bar.

The biggest miss of the day went to David Bentley who missed an open goal from sixe yards! FFS!

To be fair Millwall defended well and sounded the better team in the first half. Greeno made some excellent saves and although both teams will be happy with the draw and the point, both teams will equally think they could have won it.

West Ham confirmed that the match will be the featured match on the BBC1 Football League Show at 11.50pm Saturday. Bet the BBC are regretting that now. I might change my views when I see it for myself.

Match Statistics:

10 Goal Attempts Each, 5 On Target Each

8 Corners To Millwall but Only 1 to West Ham

8 Fouls by Millwall and 5 by WestHam

Millwall picked up 1 Yellow Dunne Card and WestHam 2 Noble and Cole

Posession was Millwall 44% with 56% to West Ham

George, John, Reece and I will be giving our views of the game on Monday's podcast which will be Episode 5 of Moore Than Just A Podcast.

Any questions or topics for Episode 5 just leave a comment, tweet us or email us.

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