Monday, 21 November 2011

Clunge Question and Answer

West ham insider codename Clunge has been revealing lots more West Ham inside information all week including a two hour Q&A session via Adam Jackson @Adzman89 in twitter on Saturday between 9am and 11am .

George McCartney will be offered a permanent deal in the summer whatever league we are in. Big Sam is very impressed with him.

West ham will bid for Kane Ferdinand in January. Big Sam has told the West Ham board he needs 3 players in January and if we get them we will go up.

West Ham has promise big sam a decent transfer budget of several million in January if required. All sales if any will also be handed to Big Sam.  The West Ham board are backing Sam big time.

Number 1 target  in Januray is Andy Johnson.

Still just over 6000 tickets left for home match vs derby. Derby have sold 940 tickets only for Saturday's game.

West Ham tell Marseille Carlton Cole not for sale after approach last Thursday. French club will put in a 4 million bid in Jan still though.

Carlton Cole happy to stay and does not want a move.

West Ham speaking with Leeds united today over a deal for Andy Obrien. Ex fat sam player. O'brien on strike at leeds to force move

Freddie Piquionne will be allowed to leave in jan if we land another striker. Sears too could be out.

Clunge can confirm story in the sun whu still trying to loan arsenal centre half sebastien squillaci. Arsenal want to sell

With regards to Liam Ridgewell, 3 other Prem clubs in for him so now doubtful we'll get him BUT we will try our best and u never know

Clunge watched the Coventry game on Saturday from a corporate box but this is their Q&A Session on way to the game.

Do we have any chance with Mervan Celik with Parma sniffing around? What do BS think?
"Hopefully yes"

Zamora? Any truth in this rumour?
"Unlikely as international premier strikers rarely drop down divisions"

What really happened with Bellamy leaving us? "We needed the money, we forced him out - Icelandics"

Is Robert Green signing a new contract, he told me West Ham are stalling negoiations when I met him in a pub "His contract been on the table for months. He won't be negative to a fan will he?"

Why did Ludo leave? "Let's just say medical grounds"

Does Sam have any chance with Anelka again if not getting a game at Chelsea? "Absolutely no chance"

Could we get Nicky Maynard at a more realistic price than quoted in the summer. "yes out of contract soon but been poor"

Who looks most eager to get away from the club at present? "Green & Faubert"

Are we really trying to sell sears? "We'll accept the right offer. Somewhat disposable"

Will SA be applying for the England job? "That is his ultimate ambition and we respect that"

When will contract talks be opening with the likes of green and tomkins? "Green on table. JT v.soon"

How come we ended up agreeing so little for Parker? "He DEMANDED to go Spurs only. We were held to ransom"

Will we sell Tomkins? "We do not want to sell Tomkins at any price"

Are any bids expected/anticipated for our players in January? "Of course, we have class players"

Will SA be sacked If we only make the play-offs, if so before of after? "No. Who doesn't love the play offs?!"

Where does the debt stand? Obviously significantly reduced from £100M+ "Approx £75m"

Does Clunge know if we will ever fix the clock at the Bobby Moore end? "No as we have a big scoreboard"

How much wages are we still paying for Ilunga? "We paying 90% of his £38k pw

Can you confirm how much Robert Green is on per week? They were rumoured to be £30K "£28k (plus bonuses)"

We have 3 very capable young reserve keepers but obv they need 1st team footy. "Stech preferred. Jury out on Boffin"

What's our ultimate intention with the current 'surveillance' case with Spurs? "Justice and honour"

Wage bill was £50 million last year, what is it this year?  "approx £35Million with the likes of Dyer, Upson, Ba, Parker gone'

Do you know if Julien Faubert will be signing a new contract. "Another refusing 2sign new deal. Likely free

What are our January targets?   Andy Johnson & LIAM RIDGEWELL

Whats going on with the training ground? "Depends on resolution with OS. All options open"

Why was Stech recalled? Will we ever pay the additional fee due so he can play. "Yes, he expected to be on bench

Clunge can we bring Julian dicks back in any way? "Totally upto SA. We know JD be a massive popular choice

Any news on a new contract for Rob Green? "Refuses to sign new deal. Will asses in the summer"

Question for Clunge. Is the Pavon deal off? "Pavon released as wouldn't sign short term deal"

How much is Karren Brady paid by West Ham? "Nothing. G&S pay her wages out of their own pockets"

How much are we paying Lansbury? "£10k from us, £10k from Arsenal"

Is retractable seating a real option or just PR? "Genuine option. Issue will b resolved or we don't go"

What provision is there in place of one of the chairmen die? "Club will be well looked after in a worst case scenario"

If we go up, what will our transfer budget be? "75% of Sky money as a provision"

Are Gold Sullivan any closer to buying the club outright? When will Straumur b gone? "Straumur gone by 2013

What bonus is Big Sam on for promotion? £1m+, plus contract offer extension and basic pay rise"

How much is Nolan paid per week "Highest paid at club. £60k+

Who is the best player we have come relatively close to signing recently bar Tevez? "bid for Henry b4 he went to MLS"

What did you think of avram grant. "Lovely man but not for us (!) In running to get N.I job"

Who and when are we taking a new CB? "Pavon has turned down deal. Demel can play CB, Reid back 4 wks 

Whats the story with Mervan Celik? #Clunge "Hoping to do perm deal In Jan. Parma also want him"

We covered many of these Clunge stories on Moore Than Just A Podcast Episode 12 

You can listen to Episode 12 of Moore at or search ITunes for Moore Than Just A Podcast

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