Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Olympic Stadium Legacy: Learning lessons from Bayern Munich

For the 1972 Olympics the City of Munich, Germany built their own Olympic stadium. The stadium, renowned for its architecture, was inaugurated in the last Bundesliga match of the 1971-72 season when Bayern Munich played in the stadium.

Like it is proposed with the 2012 Olympic Stadium Bayern Munich didn’t actually own the stadium.
Their first match in Olympic stadium drew a capacity crowd of 79,000, a total which was reached again on numerous occasions. The stadium was, in its early days, considered to be one of the foremost stadia in the world and played host to numerous major finals, such as that of 1974 World Cup.

In later years the stadium underwent several modifications, such as an increase in seating space. Eventually the stadium had a capacity of 63,000 for national matches, and 59,000 for international occasions such as European Cup competitions. #
Many fans, however, began to feel that the stadium was too cold in winter, with half the audience exposed to the weather due to lack of cover. A further complaint was the distance between the spectators and the pitch, the stadium betraying its track and field heritage. Modification of the stadium proved impossible as the architect Gunther Behnish vetoed major modifications of the stadium.

The German giants quit the Olympic Stadium in Munich after more than 30 years to move into a purpose-built football arena in 2005.

Since Bayern moved, they have seen crowds almost double in their new home the Allianz Arena with the ground sold out for every game.

Club spokesman Markus Hoerwick believes fans want to be as close to the action as possible and that means building football stadiums without an athletics track.

Hoerwick said: "A running track separates fans from the footballers. Supporters want to be as close as possible and with a running track you cannot provide this.

"The Olympic Stadium in Munich holds almost 70,000 but our attendances were around 35,000.

"In the Allianz Arena, attendances have gone up to 69,000 because we can cater for the demands of the football fan.

"The Olympic Stadium has been good to Bayern but it was open and cold. It had little atmosphere and the fan experience suffered

                                         The Olympic Stadium in Munich as it is today


  1. The west ham board have to tell Boris, the OPLC and the Govnmt to stick the new stadium, or better still, give it to the 2 idiots who derailed the whole process, Hearn and Levy. But it was obvious that they actually didn't want it, they just didn't want us to have it, and used it as a bargaining tool to extract money and funding for themselves. Now its all gone pear shaped for them, levy under criminal investigation and Hearn exposed for the greedy liar we all know him to be. Stay at the Boleyn ground west ham but get some parking and a better infrastructure for the fans.

  2. Yet the two Davids think all the fans want it. I for one will now go to away games and stay at home for the home games. We have not been asked but told we are moving which is wrong. Once they get fed up and leave we are the ones stuck with it.