Tuesday, 22 November 2011

David's Gold Twitter Question Time

David Gold is the only football Chairman to my knowledge who interacts with fans to answer so many questions.

Yes, he picks and chooses which questions to answer but he is pretty honest.

It can sometimes be hard to keep up with the amount of Questions and Answers.

Below is a transcript of the interesting questions and answers over the last few days. Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We also covered this on Moore Than Just A Podcast Episode 12.

Fan: Is there any truth in QPR's interest in Tomkins?

DG: It's academic, he's not for sale for 3m

Fan: Surely he should not be for sale full stop

DG: We will do nothing that will jeopardize our promotion bid DG

Fan: How do two clubs agree ticket allocations for away days do you have to negotiate with the other club or is it a set number

DG: They must give a minimum of 10% of there capacity most clubs give more, police also have say dg

Fan: How many have you sold for Middleborough away?

DG: We were given 3000 sold 1500 so far DG

Fan: Could you name five players from every championship club?

DG: No dg

Fan: Great result yesterday. I hope you will be winding Jack Collison up for missing that sitter?

DG: I already have but he is a good lad DG

Fan: Would it be possible to build a ground in another location on the Olympic park

DG: I don't see that as a possibility DG

Fan: with such great away support, do you ever wish you were standing in with the away fans at a game?

DG: I did for many years DG

Fan: Do you plan to sell any of young players in January

DG: don't be so negative there is no plan to sell our good young players. DG

Fan: How do you feel about Spurs getting government funding after complaining Newham were giving us 'State Aid'?

DG: Some would say ironic DG

Fan:why Demel wasn't even on the bench yesterday?

DG:Mangers decision lacks match fitness dg

Fan: We need to concentrate on our own games and keep winning instead of worrying about Southampton, agreed?

DG: Yes of course DG

Fan: do any of our current squad have a clause in their contract that lets them leave 4 free if we fail to get promotion?

DG: No

Fan: do you believe we can still catch Southampton? COYI!”

DG: Yes I do, beat them at UP and it's all to play for DG

DG: It must be remembered that the previous governments plan for the OS to remain as a 
25000 seater stadium after the games was flawed DG

Fan: Would you take second now or go up as champs?

DG I would take 2nd place now but I would love to go up as champions

DG For over 40 years we have sold our best players we must find a way to reverse this 
process, and compete at the top level DG

Fan: We are not playing at are best again  but geting the result, the league should be scared when we hit top form.

DG: I agree DG

Fan: Do you like the 4-5-1 formation?

DG: I hate 4-5-1 too but we must trust Sam DG

Fan: Will any players be sold?

DG: Please, we must be realistic, remember Ronaldo "was not for sale at any price", went for 80m and MU went on to win the PL. DG
Fan:  any idea when matt Taylor should be back? Missing him in The middle #hammers”

DG: He will be available next week
Fan: what your view on sepp blatter comments

Dg: Most unfortunate comments, a honourable man would resign DG

We covered many of these David Gold Questions on Moore Than Just A Podcast Episode 12 

You can listen to Episode 12 of Moore at http://MooreThanJustAPodcast.podbean.com or search ITunes for Moore Than Just A Podcast

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