Saturday, 12 November 2011

David Gold's Question Time

David did a radio interview on Talk Sport Radio this week with Andy Gray and Richard Keys

You can listen to the 28 minute interview on the link below

Following the radio interview David Gold's claimed several media outlets took his comments out of context in claiming he had doubts over West Ham moving to the Olympic Stadium.

This resulted in releasing an official statement here

Personally I think It good that David Gold has said he will consult the fans and I personally back the move if the view and atomsphere of the new stadium can be resolved.

I am one of around 75 members of the West Ham Fans Advisory Board on the Olypmic Stadium Committee. We are waiting for a date in January or February next year when we will meet West Ham to hear their plans and hopefully view the stadium.

On our West Ham podcast we also had our own David Gold question time although David Gold didn't come into our studio himself.

We summarised his many informative tweets from the past week answering West Ham fans questions.

The latest podcast episode can be listened or downloaded from

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